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“The Ransom of Red Chief” – 53 Years Later

I was substitute teaching 7th grade Language Arts at a talented and gifted middle school here in Dallas that is one of my absolute favorite places to teach. While the kids were working on an assignment I was scanning through … Continue reading

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Walking – My Magic Elixir

I hate to exercise. I have always hated to exercise. Having no hand-eye coordination, poor depth perception and being uncoordinated made my life in gym class a living hell. I was the last person chosen for any team. I hated … Continue reading

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Happy 100th Birthday Kathy Ochiltree

Just a year ago February my mom’s closest friend, Kathy Ochiltree, passed away two months shy of her 99th birthday. It was a difficult loss for those of us who loved Kathy, for Kathy’s wisdom, non-judgmental character, caring nature and … Continue reading

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The Eye Behind the Camera

  People who know me well will tell you that they rarely see me when I don’t have ready access to a camera be it my Nikon D90 DSLR or my iPhone 6 Plus. I have been an avid photographer … Continue reading

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Lobbying The Texas State Legislature

Last Spring Rodolfo and I sold our condo in an expensive high-rise near downtown Dallas and opted to purchase a condo in garden apartment style community not far from our high-rise. As soon as we moved into our new place … Continue reading

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Hope In The Lone Star State

  Thirty years ago this coming September I moved to Texas and with the exception of a fifteen-month stint in Scottsdale, Arizona I have lived here ever since. I’ve experienced many major life milestones while living in Dallas. My son … Continue reading

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Televisions Invade Restaurants

  Having spent the majority of my career as a marketing professional in the restaurant industry I always notice emerging restaurant trends. I love really good food but as a marketer I am always concerned with customer service and what takes … Continue reading

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The 30-Minute LGBT Activist

  LGBT folks often ask me what can they do to help in our battle for equal rights. Most people do not have a lot of time to spare. They want to help out but are intimidated in not knowing … Continue reading

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Same-Sex Marriage Heads Back to The Supreme Court of The United States – Why This Case Is So Important to Us

I have eagerly greeted, albeit with nervous optimism, the exciting announcement on January 16th by the Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS) that they will hear another case concerning same-sex marriage during this year’s session. Just maybe, my marriage to … Continue reading

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