Episode 58 – Dr. Gus Krucke – Internist, Emergency Room Physician and HIV/AIDS Specialist

Dr. Gus Krucke’s knowledge of medicine and commitment to his patients is awe-inspiring. As importantly, he is one of the most decent, caring and compassionate human beings that I know. Gus touches the lives and hearts of the patients he treats in ways that are both profound and rare. Dr. Krucke discusses the practice of medicine and the treatment of patients dealing with HIV/AIDS. Dr. Krucke also reads a letter that he had written to a patient after the patient died that he uses to teach medical students about end of life issues and patient care.


Dr. Gus Krucke in his office at the Thomas Street Clinic


Dr. Gus Krucke’s Treatment Room at the Thomas Street Clinic where he performs procedures often saving patients a trip to the ER


Dr. Gus Krucke prepping for a procedure in his Treatment Room at the Thomas Street Clinic


Dr. Gus Krucke


The Thomas Street Clinic in Houston, Texas


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