Episode 83 – Farnaz Wallace: The New World Market Place (Part 1 of 2)

Farnaz Wallace, part one of a two-part conversation. Farnaz Wallace is a consultant and speaker who draws on her years as former Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Church’s Chicken to discuss the New World Market place and three major macro trends: the shifting role of women at home and at work, the new values and ideological power of youth culture and the growth and influence of multicultural consumers and societies. This has implications not only for corporations in understanding their customers but also for organizations in both the LGBT and mainstream in attracting volunteers and serving the community. This episode focuses on her new book “The New World Market Place” and the macro trend on women. She discusses the importance of focusing on customers and also her immigrating to The United States from Iran when she was fifteen.

Farnaz Wallace, Consultant and Speaker


The New World Marketplace: How Women, Youth And Multiculturalism Are Shaping Our Future – Farnaz Wallace’s new book (Amazon Books | Powell’s Books | IndieBound), published in 2012


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