Episode 91 – Daryl Howard – Professional Magician and Master Electrician

Daryl Howard’s life-long love of magic began when he was 8 years old and his dad took him to the State Fair of Texas where he saw a magician perform. He has performed as a part-time professional close-up magician since he was a teacher. Daryl has had the honor to study under and perform with some of the top professionals in the field. Daryl Howard also has over thirty years experience in the electrical industry. He is a licensed master electrician. He runs his own business. He is a senior instructor for the IEC Dallas trade school for apprentice electricians where he teaches the master electrician’s prep course. He is also a part-time professional photographer and has been a licensed private pilot since the age of seventeen.


Daryl Howard performing close-up magic for a couple


Daryl mesmerizing two ladies studiously watching him perform


Daryl’s magic brings smiles to his audience


Daryl Howard, Master Electrician, with two of his employees


Daryl Howard teaching at IEC Dallas Trade School


Daryl Howard and his students at IEC Dallas Trade School


Daryl Howard’s self portrait; Daryl is a great photographer too


Daryl Howard and yours truly on the John Selig Outspoken podcast


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Websites and Organizations Mentioned in This Episode:
Daryl Howard’s magic Website
Daryl Howard’s Master Electrician website
IEC (Independent Electrical Contractors) Dallas Trade School
Dallas Magic Club
The Society of American Magicians
Angie’s List
The Butchart Gardens – on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada


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