Actra Collective Agreements

No, agreements negotiated by the CMPA are available to members and non-members. However, the administrative costs of each agreement are higher for non-members. No, all agreements negotiated by the CMPA are made available to members and non-members on a voluntary basis, i.e. the manufacturer decides whether or not to be a signatory. If you have any questions about compliance with collective agreements, please contact CMPA`s NATIONAL or BC facility. The main task of UBPC/ACTRA is to negotiate, manage and enforce collective agreements on behalf of performers in registered media. Ipa means independent production agreement. CMPA`s agreements with ACTRA and the WGC are IPAs. Our goal is to create and maintain a stable and predictable work environment for Canadian film, television and digital media producers. Our work focuses on all aspects of industrial relations, including negotiating agreements on behalf of our members, resolving disputes, investigating our members on labour issues, and supporting government issues and the bodies and tribunals on labour issues. If you enter into one of our employment contracts, you will have to pay an administrative fee to the CMPA. CMPA members receive discounts on these fees, as shown in the table below.

(If you are not allowed to join the CMPA, you will know more about our subscription to access these discounts.) Local and national collective agreements cover a range of production types, including film, television, radio, digital and video game productions. The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, its Territories and Canada (IATSE) Local 411 Agreement sets conditions and prices for craft service providers and honey car operators involved in productions in Ontario. . TORONTO / CALGARY, June 23, 2020 – Today, the Canadian Media Producers Association and Teamsters Local have […] The British Columbia – Yukon Council of Film Unions Master Agreement sets the conditions and rates for IATSE 891 work technicians (technical staff including handle, accessories, design, transportation, set decoration, hair, makeup and wardrobe), IATSE 669 (camera and advertising team) and Teamsters 155 (including transportation and catering).

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