Aircraft Charter Agreement Sample

8.3 Smoking may be prohibited on airline flights depending on the aircraft. The additional costs for cleaning the cabins are charged to the charterers if smoking is permitted. SIA Cargo has been chartered for XXX and XXX supports by SIA Cargo a type aircraft as described below, for service and period, for the price and conditions listed below. 21.3 In the event of this on the link, all costs resulting from these modifications or delays are billed separately and are covered by the charterer without the aircraft repair costs, including those related to the purchase of another aircraft. If all costs (including all location flights to the original base) and the costs already incurred are less than the amount of the flight in question, the airline must allocate the amount equal to the difference to the charterer. 3.3 All ground and cabin crew, including cabin crew, are permitted to receive orders only from the airline, unless the airline has previously entered into an explicit written agreement, as certain defined instructions may be accepted by the charterer. 5.10 FORCE MAJEURE. Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement and subject to compliance with existing laws, regulations and contracts, the provision of transport under this Agreement is subject to the following provisions: Act of God; Quarantine restrictions; Fire fog; Flooding Weather The closure of the airport damage or destruction of flight equipment that is not caused by a carrier or by its personnel or agent; Fuel downtime trouble or disorder war or the dangers or dangers that invade a state of war; or any other action, material or material that is beyond CARRIER`s control and that prevents, delays or interrupts the establishment, operation or execution of such transport (individually and collectively called “force majeure”). In the event that a case of force majeure results in the cancellation of a flight, CARRIER reimburses the amount paid for the cancelled air transport. In addition, carrier, in coordination with CHARTERER, is doing everything in its power to divert passengers affected by a case of force majeure through an alternative air service or other means of transport. In the event that a cancellation due to force majeure required that air carriers be obliged to take aircraft to operate the next CHARTERER flight, the carrier and the charter agree to share the costs of such a ferry flight equally; It was agreed that this cost is 95 per cent (95%) one point to the other. the price of the single charter between the points concerned.

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