Registered Child Care Provider Agreement Form (Cd-269)

To assist our providers in the event of an emergency, providers do not have to provide payment resolutions for additional absences, additional care units and closures. The Ministry of Social Services will compare the March 2020 payment to the average paid for December 2019, January 2020 and February 2020 to ensure that no supplier receives less than the average payment for those three months. The transaction can only be concluded when the supplier has submitted all participants for the month of March 2020. In order to expedite a possible additional payment, suppliers must submit all participants by April 10, 2020. Child care services closed in March 2020 should, as is usually the case, subject participation to the days when custody has been provided. Enter absences for days that have been closed on behalf of children who have been cared for during the month. Child care services that remained open in March 2020 should submit their participation through their current payment system: as Missouri faces the challenges of COVID-19, it is important that we support our child care providers. In order to assist donors who have experienced changes in COVID-19 presence, we have decided to ensure that donors will be paid in March 2020 no less than the average of their payments for the previous three months. To be considered for additional funding, the supplier must certify the following by signing the COVID-19 Child Care Seal. The provider will confirm that the acceptance of additional funds depends on the assumption: do not wait to inform us if you have a problem with your payment provider. We are here to answer your questions, how we calculate payments, the amount you have been paid, and replace a payment you have not received. We can also tell you how you sign up for direct deposit; It will save you a trip to the bank or the risk of a lost check in the mail.

Give us timely changes to your rates, services, hours, location or other information if you receive payments from Choices For Children to care for the children included in our support program. Call our office 408.297.3295 and ask to be forwarded to your ISP specialist for information on how to update and renew your supplier contract. Choices For Children Alternative Payment-Program may reimburse child care in licensed child care centres, licensed children`s homes, licensed tax-exempt centres and licensed child care providers. Providers should send the signed certificate form by e-mail to the child care provider`s payment unit in The certificate form should only be submitted when all participants have been submitted by March 2020. The chosen supplier is required to comply with and provide documentation that complies with the government`s regulatory requirements. Due to LA COVID-19, the Department of Social Services has extended your current support grant contract until July 31, 2020.

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