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Episode 1 – Ken Manford of Family Pride, Jeffrey Reid Baker (Musician) and Gay Pride Commentary

John Selig Outspoken – Episode 1 (MP3, 76MB, 1hr 3min)

Our first interview is with Ken Manford of the Family Pride organization. Ken and his partner Jeffrey Roach adopted their son from Guatemala at the age of 6 months.

Next we will have Jeffrey Reid Baker on. I am quite excited, most podcasts use creative commons licensed. Ours is fortunate in being able to feature some exciting music from a friend that I hadn’t had contact with in over 35 years Jeff is a musician who is both gifted and renown and is from my hometown living a mere 4 blocks from where my grandparents lived while I was growing up. You heard one of Jeff’s pieces as part of John Selig Outspoken’s introduction and you will hear small snippets as segways between different segments of the show. We will also feature one of Jeff’s pieces in its entirety as part of each podcast.

It has been a real thrill for me to get back in touch with Jeff. He has a sharp mind; a keen wit and I know that you are going to enjoy his music as much as I do.

Left to right: Jeffrey Roach, Jackson Manford-Roach and Ken Manford.
Jeffrey Reid Baker. Read an in-depth article on Jeffrey from Fanfare Magazine: New Music by Dead Guys: A profile of JRB Records.

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