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Episode 10 – 2nd Half of Interview with Cathy McElrath Renna and Interview with Famed Author and Commentator Patricia Nell Warren Plus My Commentary, “Good Media Coverage Requires Experience and Planning.”

John Selig Outspoken – Episode 10 (MP3, 69MB, 60min)

Episode 10 – 2nd half of interview with Cathy McElrath Renna, Managing Partner of Renna Communications who is a media expert for the LGBT community. Interview with New York Times best selling author and commentator, Patricia Nell Warren, who discusses censorship and her lawsuit as a plaintiff with the ACLU concerning the 1st Amendment and the Internet. My commentary is titled, “Good Media Coverage Requires Experience and Planning.”

John Selig (hair is blond now, by the way) & Cathy McElrath Renna outside KTVT (Dallas CBS TV Station) after meeting about Laura Schlessinger (2000)
Patricia Nell Warren

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