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Episode 21 – Terry O’Connell, Auto Racing Driver with Over 500 National Titles, Had Gender Reassignment Surgery in 1994, Now Restarting Her Racing Career

John Selig Outspoken – Episode 21 (MP3, 73MB, 1hr 4min)
Terry O’Connell

Episode 21 – Terry O’Connell, Auto Racing Driver with over 500 national titles who went through gender reassignment surgery in 1994 and is and restarting her racing career. Terri has raced everything from go-karts to being a driver in the prestigious NASCAR Nextel Cup. She has received international media attention. Terri shares her life story as she faces her gender issues, explains the fascinating world of auto racing and describes her strategy for reentry as a award winning racing car driver.

Terri O’Connel in Midget Race Care at 1992 National Championships in Indiana – Terri designed and built this car from the ground up (International Photo Images, copyright 2008)
Terri Driving in NASCAR in Nextel Cup Race at at the Goodwrench 500 (International Photo Images, copyright 2008)

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