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Episode 23 – Geoff Callan & Matt Kennedy Discuss Their Documentary on Same-Sex Marriage, “Pursuit of Equality” & Jeffrey Reid Baker Discusses “Classical Music Is a Dirty Word.”

John Selig Outspoken – Episode 23 (MP3, 72MB, 1hr 3min)
Production Executive Matt Kennedy
Co-Director and Editor Mike Shaw, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Co-Director and Producer Geoff Callan – Photo by Drew Atize

Episode 23 – Geoff Callan, Producer and Co-Director and Matt Kennedy Production Executive of “Pursuit of Equality:The Unfinished Work of American Freedom. This documentary chronicles same-sex marriages in Sn Francisco that Mayor Gavin Newsom enabled on his 34th day in office that took place between February 12th and March 14th in 2004 before stopped by a stay from the California State Supreme Court and the court cases taking place since them. Filming continued through August 2007. Also appearing is maestro Jeffrey Reid Baker who discuses “Classical Music Is a Dirty Word.”

Poster for the documentary Pursuit of Equality: The Unfinished Work of American Freedom

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