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Episode 39 – Paul J. Williams, Comic, Discusses His Comedy and Characters & Jeffrey Reid Baker Discusses Electronic Music (Part 1 of 2)

John Selig Outspoken – Episode 39 (MP3, 83MB, 1hr 12min)

Paul J. Williams, comic, discusses his upbringing in a Southern Baptist family in San Antonio, his start in comedy and several of his characters. Jeffrey Reid Baker shares his comments on the history of electronic music and his role in it. First anniversary of John Selig Outspoken.

Paul J. Williams, Comic
Paul J. Williams as Sister Helen Holy
Jeff – “The Grand, the Console. Where I teach and compose. 88 Keys, 10 fingers, no problem. A great place to be.”
Jeff – “The Archives. 5000 LPs. It’s all here.”
Jeff – “My Creative corner for all recordings. The two computers you see lower middle contain every sound imaginable. My sequencer (via the Mac Pro) drives as many as I need.”
Jeff – “Then sheet music archives, with all musical theory and associated textbooks. Also, printer/scanner/fax alley.”
John – “‘Welcome to Episode 39 of John Selig Outspoken’. That’s me at the mike.”
John – “The world famous John Selig Outspoken studios (aka my office).”

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