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Episode 57 – Earth Thunder – Cherokee, Lesbian, Medicine Woman and Shaman (Part 3 of 3)

John Selig Outspoken – Episode 57 (MP3, 102MB, 1hr 29min)

Earth Thunder grew up in the wilds of Idaho until she was ten years old. She lived with her grandparents and an extended family of 40 migrating from 8,500 ft. in the mountains during the summer to living in caves in the winter. During this episode Earth Thunder shares the meaning of intelligence, a more in depth understanding of shamanic work, what happened to Native Americans when Europeans took over the United States. Earth Thunder also explains my birth song, shares her unique interpretation of the world around us. Extra music is provided for this series by Douglas Blue Feather an award winning songwriter, recording artist and performer of contemporary Native American Flute Music.

Taken on Earth Thunder’s last trip to my home at 8,800 ft. As close as a vehicle can get to where we set up camps in the Summer. An Eagle dropped feathers for them while they ate lunch. Earth Thunder had to be carried to the car and forced to leave!
First Shaman Way Medicine Wheel is one they would make themselves from stones layed out in Ceremonies in a specific Sacred Site that has shown them to do so.
Medicine Wheel Park at Used with permission of Valley City State University.
Douglas Blue Feather

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Medicine Wheel Park in Valley City, ND