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Episode 59 – Jose Villarrubia – Comic Book Colorist, Photographer, Illustrator and Art Professor

John Selig Outspoken – Episode 59 (MP3, 74MB, 1hr 5min)

Jose Villarrubia has colored some of the most prestigious comic books in the industry and is an art professor at the renown Maryland Institute College of Art. He has collaborated with famed writer Alan Moore on several book projects. Jose discuses the comic book industry, how they are produced, different styles around the world and the LGBT audience for comic books.

Jose Villarrubia with his book “The Mirror of Love”
(Amazon Books | Powell’s Books | IndieBound)
at CAPE 4 in Dallas in May ’08
Mack Andreyko, Richard Neal & Jose Villarrubia at CAPE 4
Richard Neal, owner of Zeus Comics, being interviewed
Zeus Comics in Dallas, Texas won the 2006 Eisner Spirit of Retailing Award
Zeus Comics sells comics, action figures, and lots of other fun merchandise
Zeus Comics features comics from wall to wall
CAPE 4 put on by Richard Neal owner of Zeus Comics in May 2008
CAPE 4 featured over 80 of the most celebrated comic book artists and writers in the country
“Holy Cape 4” even Batman & Robin made an appearance!

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