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Episode 62 – Andy Thayer – Gay Activist and Co-Founder, Gay Liberation Network (Part 2 of 2) Plus My Commentary “40 Years Ago This Week”

John Selig Outspoken – Episode 62 (MP3, 89MB, 1hr 18min)

Andy Thayer is the consummate street activist. He has lead numerous protests in Chicago and elsewhere and was arrested on May 16th, 2009 in Russia for participating in Moscow’s gay pride event. Andy is also co-founder of Day of Decision which has lead protests against the California Supreme Court’s decision on Proposition 8. Plus my commentary “40 Years Ago This Week.”

All Photos Provided by Andy Thayer and the Gay Liberation Network

Nikolai Alekseev with other protestors decamped at secret location outside Moscow to avoid pre-emptive arrest planning Slavic Pride
Slavic Pride organizers with map planning how to get into Moscow as police were stopping and searching all vehicles coming into city
A member of OMOH, Russia’s SWAT Police; Andy points out that OMOH spelled backwards is HOMO
Shortly after each group revealed itself, Russian OMOH cops (their equivalent of SWAT police) waded through the sea of press and violently arrested the protestors
Peter Tatchell, famed British gay activist was beaten up and arested at 2005 pride event in Moscow was back again in 2009 to lend support to Nikolai Alekseev and other Slavic Pride participants
Nikolai Alekseev celebrating his release from interrogation after being arrested at Slavic Pride
Andy Thayer in Moscow to attend Slavic Pride

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Video of Andy Thayer Being Arrested at Slavic Pride in Moscow on 16 May 2009

Andy Thayer at Slavic Pride 2009

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