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Episode 65 – Todd Camp (Part 2 of 2) – Witness of Police Raid at Rainbow Lounge in Ft. Worth on June 28, 2009 and Co-Founder Q Cinema

John Selig Outspoken – Episode 65 (MP3, 71MB, 1hr 2min)
Todd Camp, Journalist & Witness to the Rainbow Lounge Raid on June 28, 2009

Journalist Todd Camp was at the Rainbow Lounge in Ft. Wort, TX when it was raided by the TABC and Ft. Worth Police on June 28, 2009 (40 years to the day after the famed Stone Wall revolt). Todd is also the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Q Cinema, the Ft. Worth Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Todd shares the aftermath the chilling raid on the Rainbow Lounge and discusses QCinema and the role of film in the GLBT Community.

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