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Episode 70 – Nikolai Alexseev – Russian Gay Activist

John Selig Outspoken – Episode 70 (MP3, 82MB, 1hr 11min)

Nikolai Alexseev is a lawyer, journalist and gay activist and both the leader and face of the fight for LGBT rights in Russia. Nikolai discusses his fight for gay rights in Russia at great personal risk and often resulting in him and others being arrested.

Nikolai Alexseev with a pack of applications for the Moscow Pride 2009 during a May press conference
Nikolai Alexseev’s arrest at the first Moscow Pride on May 27, 2006
Nikolai Alexseev being interviewed after Moscow Pride 2008
Nikolai speaking at an LGBT conference held in Minsk in September 2009
Nikolai Alexseev at Warsaw Europride during the Summer in 2010

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