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Episode 90 – Lesléa Newman – Author and Poet

John Selig Outspoken – Episode 90 (MP3, 89MB, 1hr 16min)

Lesléa Newman famed author and poet best known for writing the famous children’s book, “Heather Has Two Mommies,” which religious fundamentalists tried desperately for years to get removed from librairies. Lesléa has published over 60 books and speaks regularly at colleges and universities all over the country. Lesléa discusses her book of 68 pose, “October Morning: A Tribute to Matthew Shepard,” which was published in 2012. Lesléa Newman was the keynote speaker at the University of Wyoming less than a week after Matthew Shepard died. This highly moving book of poems vividly bring back the brutal murder Matthew Shepard 25 years ago. After my conversation with Lesléa I share a commentary on America’s gun violence.

Lesléa Newman, author and poet
Lesléa Newman at the fence in Laramie, Wyoming where Matthew Shepard was brutally beaten and left to die
October Morning: A Tribute to Matthew Shepard

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