Episode 80 – David Mixner – Political Consultant, Campaign Manager, Fund-Raiser, Strategist, Gay & AIDS Activist & Writer

Newsweek called David Mixner “the most powerful gay man in America.” David Mixner has been a political and human rights activist for over 51 years and along the way had over 300 friends dies from AIDS and he personally delivered over 90 eulogies over a 2-year period. David’s respite in Turkey Hollow, ten miles from his nearest neighbor, gave him an opportunity to heal, commune with nature and befriend all sorts of wildlife. This gem of a book is a collection of essays about his life as well as delightful experiences he enjoyed while living in Turkey Hollow. David Mixner has been friends with President Bill Clinton since their college days and David was key in getting the LGBT Community’s support to back President Clinton during his 1992 campaign.


David Mixner, recent photo


David Mixner’s new book, At Home With Myself: Stories from the Hills of Turkey Hollow” (Amazon Books | Powell’s Books | IndieBound), published in 2011


David Mixner’s autobiography, “Stranger Among Friends” (Amazon Books | Powell’s Books | IndieBound), published in 1996


Publicity for David Mixner’s Off-Broadway one-man show at Dixon Place in July 2011


David Mixner staring in his one man show called “From The Front Porch” at Dixon Place in New York City in July 2011


David Mixner bowling at Oxford University after winning his debate several years ago


David Mixner speaking at a Victory Fund event in 2010


David Mixner has Bill Clinton’s ear at a fund raising event during President Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign


Wynn Wagner with David Mixner in September 1992 when David was in town for the weekend with Stonewall Democrats where we were all working to get President Clinton elected to his first term. This is the weekend that I met both Wynn and David. Note – the coffee in the picture was not the coffee Wynn brought – his was much better!


John Selig (aka “Moi”) with David Mixner in September 1992 when he was in Dallas for the weekend with the Stonewall Democrats. We held multiple events to work to get President Clinton elected to his first term. I think I had that mustache for about a month. David Mixner had a profound impact on me that lasts until this day. David has a brilliant mind, a warm heart and an infectious sense of humor.


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